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The Cobra nozzle has a beautiful snake print that goes in grey, beige and black with a white bottom.

It is made of plastic and compatible with all 1/2” waterhoses. Use the adjustable nozzles to select jet, soft shower or mist.

The summer holiday never ended. Here to keep your holiday fling alive, Caribbean Kiss Garden Hose brings the moments of a hot summer breeze on a tropical beach to your garden. In a stunning turquoise and gold brass details, our deluxe hoses are of highest quality and go perfectly with all our nozzles and wallmounts. Put on your shades and get your green fingers dirty.


The sight of dull green garden hoses with orange connectors and rusty wall brackets that just screamed “Ugly! Ugly! Ugly!” was so offensive to the eye that Garden Glory went on a mission to find a stylish garden hose to compliment her new home. What she found was that they simply didn’t exist. Presto! Garden Glory was born. Born to take garden paraphernalia to a new level.

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