The AEQUILL home fragrance range is made with pure essential oils and mood enhancing scent to help promote feel good energy and positivity at home.
Established in 2017, AEQUILL was created to help you make space for calm and relaxation at home.
The scented candles are hand-poured by Jintana and her team. Each candle is individually checked during the various stages of the making process to ensure that you receive the best candle available on the market.



Honesty and a natural simplicity are at the heart of Terrible Twins.
Terrible Twins was founded in 2006 by sisters, designers and product developers Sara and Karin Ström. Honesty and a natural simplicity are at the heart of the business along with a strong focus on sustainable local production, environmental awareness and social engagement.
The company is based in the heart of the Swedish countryside in the entrepreneurial town of Insjön in the scenic county of Dalarna.


Lapuan Kankurit are lead by the fourth generation of family entrepreneurs, together with capable and committed top professionals of the weaving industry. The past generations left them the secrets to weaving, appreciation for hard work and a solid foundation built on values. They weave nothing but the absolute best quality, with uncompromising workmanship. What they weave, it will last. With proper care, their high-quality textiles will endure for decades, from generation to generation.
Lapuan Kankurit weave responsibly, respecting the environment and take a stand against the nature-consuming, short-lived and cheap production. Everything they do is transparent, and the materials used can be traced back to their origin. Lapuan Kankurit only use natural raw materials, such as linen and wool. They weave a better future.


Nestled on a working farm in North Cornwall, St Eval Candle Company was born from humble beginnings, crafting candles by hand in the family farm house kitchen. 
Keen to keep traditional crafts alive and with spirits rooted in all things natural, St Eval Candle Company sought inspiration from the beautiful surroundings in the Cornish countryside; creating pots, candles and fragrances inspired by nature.
Each St Eval candle is made with a personal touch to ensure superior quality in style, fragrance and burn.


Castelbel are a 100% Portuguese owned company specialised in the manufacture of luxury fragrances for the home and the body.

Inspired by the idyllic scenery of the Douro River Valley and combining traditional methods of production with the highest quality raw materials, Castelbel products capture the aromas, colours and ambience of a simultaneously traditional and trendy country.

Their history is a tale of dedication and passion. It is formed from the love and care that they put into what they do and can be seen by those who buy their products.