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Aequill luxury craft scented candles are hand-poured by Jintana and her team in their studio in East Ham, London. The candle makers individually look after each candle during the various stages of the making process to ensure that you receive the best candle available on the market.
Every step of the product is designed to ensure our candle is the best smelling botanical candle that also looks beautiful in your home.

LAVENDER & MARJORAM | CALMING SCENTED CANDLE: This pure essential oil blend will chase away those muscle tensions, so be prepared to feel fully relaxed and completely at ease.

BLACK PEPPER | POSITIVITY SCENTED CANDLE: Super charged woody and spicy notes working together to create a scent that enhances mental clarity, focus and promote a positive outlook.

LEMON & GERANIUM | UPLIFTING SCENTED CANDLE: This Lemon & Geranium scent candle is filled with mood-elevating, cooling, and revitalising effect.

Regular candle approx. 250g.
Up to 60 hours burning time

Paraffin-soy blend
Single wick candle
Non-toxic, lead free cotton wick

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